About Me

Bios to me are in many ways restrictive and not a great way to accurate describe a person. I could give you all my credentials here, or try to tell a personal story in such a way that would make me look good. Instead, I’ll just start off by saying that I’m a seeker, and I’m still working things out. Lately, I’ve been drawn to the Sufi path, which is not something I ever expected. I’m getting my master’s degree in spiritual healing at the University of Sufism. Maybe after I’ve done a few more years of “Sufi walking,” as they call it, I’ll have finally “gelled” and have that personally impressive story to tell you.

My life has been unconventional. As of yet, I haven’t settled down or gotten the white picket fence. I’ve had some nasty detours along the way, including a bout with a sudden acute infection that almost killed me in 2017. Three years later, I am still fighting the residual after-effects – my nervous system was damaged, and I wake up every morning with my face and other body parts vibrating rather unpleasantly. 

This wasn’t the first time I battled with a mysterious illness – I got mono at 17, which eventually became Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It turns out I’ve had chronic Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) all along, though doctors didn’t even know that was a thing back when I first got mono. (Many still do not today.) 

This has led me down a crazy path of trying a lot of different holistic healing methods, since Western medicine wasn’t particularly helpful. Along the way, I became a Reiki Master, learned how to hypnotize people, explored sound healing, became certified in “Gong Therapy,” studied yoga therapy, and finished an Ayurvedic Practitioner program. Now I’m studying Sufi healing. I have yet to find a magic bullet, but I’m apparently doing better than a lot of people with EBV, who, sadly, can barely get out of bed on many days.  

My nerves may be fried, but I can now kayak and do stand-up paddleboard, even though I had to go to the ER for a severe dizzy spell and syncope back in February.   

For work I am a freelance writer and editor, and I also help people as much as I can as a holistic health practitioner, wellness coach, and teacher. 

In my many previous lives, I have been a college DJ, web developer, surfer, and improv comedian who used to perform weekly in Los Angeles. I have lived in New Jersey, Michigan, Los Angeles, Seattle, Austin Texas, Florida (part-time), and now Annapolis. I’ve had some adventures in life, one of which was participating in Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve, only it was August, and we were in Los Angeles on a sound stage.

My 15 minutes of fame happened in my 20s, when I was known for being a “pioneering woman in technology” due to starting a long-defunct online women’s community.  I have contributed to three actual, real books (not ebooks) and wrote my own ebook on Reiki, which I don’t sell anymore since I’m kind of embarrassed by it. 

For a time, while I was living in Los Angeles, I had a ridiculous amount of dyed blonde hair, as well as a fake tan, which was my attempt to camouflage myself. In reality. I am a bit of a geek. I am including a photo circa 2004 to the right, just in case you knew me back then and are trying to figure out if the brunette bespectacled Stephanie is the same club-hopping Stephanie you used to hang with. The answer is, shamefully, yes.

I have an odd taste for science fiction shows, Bollywood musicals, and Hallmark Christmas movies. I play a variety of musical instruments at varying levels of proficiency, including saxophone, guitar, ukulele, piano, recorder, gong, tongue drum, frame drum, and the Yamaha Venova. I have a hankering to create a sound healing album someday.